Security and Compliance

Ingrained in Development

Security and compliance with industry standards shouldn’t be an afterthought, a final step, or even a single stage of your software development lifecycle. It should be ingrained in every step of the process, from architecture through deployment. Aptera employs specialists in-house for security, but we believe in sharing the responsibility of best practices. To that end, we also invest in all our application, web, and data staff to ensure they consider security throughout the planning and implementation of solutions. Whether you’re planning for a new development project, in the midst of development, or evaluating the security of existing systems, we can help you embrace that same approach.

Our Approach to Security

Assessment of Vulnerability and Compliance

Whether for new development of websites or applications, or review of existing systems, Aptera’s first step in engaging is always an assessment of vulnerability from a security or compliance standpoint. This assessment will take into consideration the standards of our industry as well as yours and cover the following areas:

  • Data entered by users or stored by the system
  • Credential-secured access points to the system
  • Codebases and software implemented as part of the solution
  • Accessibility of infrastructure and connections to external systems

Gap Analysis and Best Practices

After reviewing these areas, the Aptera team will reference current best practices of your industry as well as known exploits that might put you or your users at risk. This will allow us to identify opportunities to bolster system security, achieve compliance standards, or defend against known threats. Once identified, we’ll work with you to prioritize opportunities according to business impact.

Manageable Implementation

We understand that scans and assessments of security concerns or compliance can bring overwhelming results. Our goal is not to grind your development or support efforts to a halt in order to immediately meet compliance standards or defend against threats. We’ll help you create a roadmap that leads to long-term solutions while preventing you from getting buried. We’ll also help you adopt best practices in new or current initiatives to prevent future shock of additional work to secure your technology.

Ways to Engage

New System Architecture

Planning to implement new technology, such as applications, infrastructure, or integrations? Let us help you plan so that you can head-off potential security risks or gaps in compliance now.

Development Code Review

Are you mid-development or recently code-complete on an application, but unsure if it’s secure or compliant? We can review for potential risk and create a path to remedying any gaps we find.

Target-Based Approach

Trying to meet a specific security concern or compliance standard? We can focus on implementing individual components like single sign-on or evaluating compliance with standards like GDPR to ensure you meet the target.

Start Planning for Better Security and Compliance Today