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Test Driven Development Training

Change the Way Your Team Thinks About Development with TDD

Integrating test-driven development (TDD) into your organization requires more than just sending your developers to a training course; it’s a complete shift in mindset. That’s why our test-driven development training is an extensive, coaching-based course that offers three days of instructor-led workshops followed by two weeks of mobbing and pair programming sessions. This method lets teams learn on their actual software projects under the guidance of an Aptera coach.

Our 3-Step TDD Training Program

  • Instructor-Led Workshops

    The first part of our test-driven development training is a three-day classroom course to introduce you to use cases as well as using TDD in greenfield projects and in a legacy code base. These classes are a mixture of lectures, demos, and katas coding and include the following stacks: C#, JavaScript (Angular, Knockout), and SQL.

  • Hands-On Training

    The second step of TDD training is our hands-on team coaching. An Aptera coach will come to your organization and lead a two-week sprint with your team, using one of your projects and code.

    Week 1 focuses on your team implementing the techniques and skills they learned during the workshop and completing work in their backlog. Week 2 will work on fostering developer independence by transitioning from a team focus to a pair/individual focus and then completing work items in the backlog. The Aptera coach will ensure that any lessons learned are shared throughout the entire team.

  • Post-Training Assessment

    A couple months after your training is complete, your Aptera coach will come back to perform a retrospective assessment. This helps to ensure the success of your new processes. Our team member will answer any questions you might have while conducting team interviews, reviewing code, facilitating a team retrospective, and offering recommendations based on observations. This final step in the training process it optional, but recommended, as it helps teams to further solidify their new practices.

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Learn How to Get Started with TDD

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