UI/UX Design and Testing

Bring Your Brand to Life Digitally with Great UI and UX Design

Great design is what makes your website, mobile app, or immersive technology stand out to visitors and creates an easy-to-use product for your customers and prospects. At Aptera, we believe that a good user experience is always evolving and must be informed by data, experiences, and feedback from the users themselves. Our experienced design team will work within your brand standards to create a custom design that is both stylish and functional while also being well-suited to the platform and medium of your technology.

Our UX Design Process

Map the Buyer’s Journey

The first step in our design discovery process is to work with you to map out a typical buyer’s journey or interaction flow through your site, app, or other solution. This gives us insight into the sequence of steps your typical user takes in your solution, so we can make sure that your new UX intuitively leads users down the correct path in the correct order.

Identify a Test Group

Next, our design team will work with you to pre-determine a group of test users to have on hand to quickly interact with and test our prototype designs. This test group would ideally include end users, but at minimum should include the solution’s support staff.

Create a Prototype

Once the buyer’s journey is established and a test group is ready to go, our user experience web designers will collaboratively work with your team to create a prototype design.

Watch & Learn

After an initial design is complete, it’s time to enter the testing phase. We’ll deliver the prototype to the test group, let them try it out, and pay close attention to any issues that might arise. Having real users interact with the prototype is the best way to see how the design will actually be used.

Make Needed Modifications

Taking all the information we learned from the testing phase, the design team will make modifications to the prototype. This testing and modifying phase can continue until the solution is ready to go live. Even after your website or app is live, we can continue to make any needed modifications for you based on user data you receive.

User Interface Design

In addition to helping you craft the best user experience, our design team can also design your user interface (UI) to give your website, app, or other technology a slick look and feel. Our UI designers always put your brand first, working within your brand style guide to create a stunning, modern look that is perfectly suited to the platform, whether it’s on a mobile phone, tablet, watch, or an AR/VR experience.

Ways to Work With Us

Feasibility Prototype

Do you have a new idea for the design of your website, app or immersive technology? Our designers can put together a quick prototype for you just to flesh out ideas and assess the feasibility before you move into a larger scale project.

New Website or App

Our talented team of UI & UX designers can help you create a fresh user experience and look and feel for a new website or application. We’ll work with your team to craft an experience that is intuitive and easy-to-use while keeping your brand at the forefront.

Solution Redesign

Is your website, app, or other solution in need of a new look and feel? Our designers can create an updated user experience and interface to improve the usability of your site and delight new and returning customers with a fresh visual experience.

Ongoing Enhancement

If you’re looking to add a new feature or solve a problem within your site or app, short of a full re-design, we can help. Our UI/UX team can be engaged to help you design just a small segment of your larger solution.

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