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Web Applications Development

Make Your Business Stand Out with Custom Web App Development

Browser-based web apps are naturally cross-platform, responsive for devices of all sizes, and easy to update. The Aptera team can help you prioritize work and efficiently build web applications that help you connect with your customers and take advantage of market trends.

We’ll employ our UI/UX designers to create the best user experience for your web apps and our custom software developers will utilize agile development methods to keep projects moving toward the finish line. Aptera’s development team also practices modern DevOps to ensure the highest quality in every app we deliver. When you work with us, you can rest assured your app will be secure, high performing, stable, and easy for you to maintain.

Custom Web App Project Types

  • Quote & Order Management
  • Product Design & Configuration
  • Team & Workflow Management
  • Content Management
  • Learning Management
  • Custom Experience Management

Timely Web App
Development Services

When speed to market matters most, Aptera’s team is ready to jump in and start your project. Our accelerated software development practice means that we look at your web applications’ required functionality and budget and prioritize development to get your app on the market as quickly as possible, with all the most needed features.

Business Intelligence
Is Built-In

Let data drive your decision making. Engage our business intelligence team to help you get more data out of your applications and business systems. We can build reporting dashboards and data collection directly into your web app so you always have the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Sync All Your Software
with Custom Integrations

Connect your new web application with your existing business systems via custom integrations. Aptera’s integration solutions team can help you fluidly bring data from one system to another to make your entire operation run smoother than before.

Bring Your Legacy Apps
Up to Speed


Does your business rely on existing web applications? In addition to new development, the Aptera team can also support, modernize, and even rewrite the custom legacy applications that your business relies on.

Web Application Development Services

New Projects

If you’re planning a new web app project, our team can help you make it a success. We can take the lead, running the project from requirements to launch, or we can simply supplement your team for needed experience or bandwidth.

Project Rescue

Are you in the middle of a project that’s over its timeline or budget or plagued with quality issues? We specialize in taking over “in-trouble” projects, getting them back on track and into production.


If your team is just looking to adopt DevOps or agile concepts like automated testing, security, or continuous integration, Aptera offers hands-on training and mentoring on all these topics to bring your team up to speed.

Let’s Talk About
Custom Software Development

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