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Developing High Quality Web Apps for Business Across Industries

Improve your business function or delight your customers with a custom web application. Aptera’s talented team of web application developers will design and build an app to solve your business’ unique challenges.

Custom web apps can be designed to solve internal headaches or to create new ways for your customers to interact with your business. Having designed and built a diverse range of web apps for clients from various industries, our team members are well-versed in a variety of software solutions. Whether you need an app for quoting projects, configuring products to buy, or any other custom experience, the Aptera team can develop it for you quickly and effectively.

Types of Custom Web Apps

  • Quote & Order Management
  • Product Configurators
  • Team & Workflow Management
  • Content Management
  • Learning Management
  • Custom Experience Management

Our Approach to Developing Web Applications

With Aptera development, quality and speed go hand-in-hand. To deliver the best product, we rely on our process to keep projects moving steadily toward the finish line. Our accelerated development strategy helps us launch projects quickly by focusing on the most important features first. Throughout every project we also utilize modern DevOps principles and Agile development practices to help us quickly deliver top-notch results.

Your Web App Development Partner

When you engage Aptera as your web app development firm, you’ll gain a partner in development. You’ll be assigned an onshore, dedicated development team that will work with you to learn your business and be able to make smart, helpful recommendations throughout your project.

Developing Only the Best Web Applications

Quality is standard in all the custom software we develop. For a top tier web application, that means a well-thought-out user experience, modern integration with other business systems, advanced and flexible reporting capabilities, security and compliance, and a scalable cloud infrastructure to support modern deployment practices.

Web App Development Services

New Projects

If you’re planning a new web app project, our team can help you make it a success. We can take the lead, running the project from requirements to launch, or we can simply supplement your team for needed experience or bandwidth.

Project Rescue

Are you in the middle of a project that’s over its timeline or budget or plagued with quality issues? We specialize in taking over “in-trouble” projects, getting them back on track and into production.

Legacy App Support

Does your business rely on existing web applications? In addition to new development, the Aptera team can also support, modernize, and even rewrite the custom legacy applications that your business relies on.


If your team is just looking to adopt DevOps or agile concepts like automated testing, security, or continuous integration, Aptera offers hands-on training and mentoring on all these topics to bring your team up to speed.

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