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Content Marketing

Drive Traffic and Conversions with Creative Content Marketing

Great content engages your audience and builds trust. It can also serve as a gateway into your website for new customers. Having a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy is a key piece of your digital marketing efforts and a must-have feature of a modern enterprise-level website. Aptera’s team of marketing consultants will help you create a results-driven content marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website and turn those visitors into qualified leads.

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Our team is well-versed in all the components of an effective enterprise content marketing strategy. Your dedicated marketing consultant will research buyer personas and define goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help your inbound marketing efforts be successful. A content marketing plan typically includes four, main components: strategy; content creation; publishing and social media; and promoting and analysis.


All inbound marketing should start with strategy. Our team will begin by working with you to create buyer personas, so we can best customize content for your unique customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Then we’ll create a content matrix for you that outlines how each piece of content will strategically relate to a step in the buyer’s journey and how those content pieces will be distributed for the best return on investment.

Content Creation

Next, it’s time to create content that will resonate with your buyer personas. Our team will make recommendations of content types and topics that would be appropriate at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Types of content include blog posts, advanced content (like eBooks), and website copy. Content can be written by your team or one of our writers to ensure that it will resonate with your audience, is SEO-friendly, and will suit your business objectives.

Publishing & Social Media

Now it’s time to distribute your content. We’ll start by publishing your pieces on your blog or website and sharing them on your social media channels. This helps your content start to find readers around the web. Social media plays a big role in content marketing and drawing visitors back to your website. Aptera’s digital marketing consultants can help you make the most of your social profiles. We’ll start by assessing your current social media profiles, making sure that each meets business best practices and that your messaging is resonating with your audience. Our team can then make recommendations for content shifts, new platforms to explore, and more.

Promoting & Analysis

To get your new content offers in front of the most eyes, we’ll help you strategically advertise your pieces through paid social media, pay-per-click, and search engine marketing ads. Our team will maintain an active watch on the performance of these ads and make adjustments accordingly, to bring you the best return on investment. Similarly, we’ll monitor and analyze the traffic and interaction on your pieces to see if the content itself is engaging to your audience. We can then make recommendations on new types of content to produce and explore.

Your Custom Inbound Marketing Services

When you engage with Aptera for content marketing services, you will be paired with a dedicated marketing consultant who can be as involved in the process as you’d like them to be. We can brainstorm a content calendar which you can post from, or we can do all the scheduling for you. If you’d like, we can also handle community management of your social media pages--answering questions and interacting with customers. Regardless of your involvement level, you’ll always be provided with regular reporting and analysis of your content marketing efforts.

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