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Website Development, Mobile and Web Application Development, & Integrations

Long Term Partnership for Cross-Business Success

Do it Best and Aptera have built a partnership that has lasted for over 10 years and is still going strong. Our high-performing teams have been a go-to technology partner for Do it Best working on initiatives from all areas of their business from logistics to marketing. We’ve worked in combined teams with Do it Best developers and as a standalone partner to help them maintain their status as technology leaders in their industry. Aptera has worked on projects such as website and database development, integrations, mobile technology, and infrastructure.

Website Development, Mobile and Web Application Development

Advancing Technology in the Construction Industry

Partners for over five years, Aptera teams have worked with Nucor Building Systems on numerous initiatives that have helped them be a technological leader in their industry. Our partnership started with a project where we worked with Nucor developers to build an e-retail component for their business. Our teams continued to work on standalone projects and as a part of joint development efforts on several different products. Aptera helped create a custom quoting system and mobile app, Shakeout Pro, that streamlines work on jobsites by digitizing records, models, and plans. Our years of partnership have seen Aptera team members deeply understand Nucor’s business needs and several Nucor Product Owners have been promoted within the company after successful projects with our teams.
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Website Development, UI/UX Design

Providing Real-World Value with Technology

A Northeast Indiana community-based non-profit organization, AWS Foundation supports services for individuals with disabilities to help them live as independently as possible. The AWS Foundation team recognized a real need for a tool to help individuals, families, and caregivers quickly find resources to assist them and knew that technology could solve their problem.

We organized a team to collaborate and to conceptualize a searchable online directory of services. Working closely with our AWS Foundation contact, we were able to build a robust solution focused on accessibility and usability that realized their vision and stayed within a grant budget. The solution, the Indiana Disability Resource Finder, is now being used statewide and AWS Foundation is working with organizations in other states to create similar systems for their communities.

A Trusted Partner of Fortune 500 Companies

"For over a decade, Aptera has worked alongside our developers and product owners to deliver industry-leading technology solutions to our member-owners."

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