Your company’s intranet works a bit like a nervous system, channeling information both to and from the various parts so that the body functions as a seamless whole. With SharePoint, employees sign in to customized dashboards that give them access to all the files and documents they’ll need throughout the day, along with news, reminders, calendars, and project status updates. Extranets extend the connections to clients and business partners, so information can flow just as easily to the people who need it outside your own company.



Granting workers access to important information is only part of the challenge. A comprehensive SharePoint governance plan makes the parts each employee or client needs available while restricting access to the parts that need to be protected. But governance is about more than simple gatekeeping. Aptera will also help you develop and implement a plan for ensuring user adoption, managing your hosting resources and backups, as well as accommodating growth and other changes to your company over time.

Planning and Deployment

To help you realize SharePoint’s full potential, we work with you to answer the critical questions upfront:

  • How will each type of employee use the platform?
  • How many people will be using it, and how much do you expect that number to grow?
  • Will it be hosted on-site, in the cloud, or in some combination of the two?
  • What should the displays look like to best reflect your brand and your company values?

Much of SharePoint’s value as a collaboration tool comes from its customizability. Aptera’s SharePoint experts help companies develop use cases, assess infrastructure needs, and create cool designs and graphics. By the time your SharePoint platform goes live, you’ll have everything you need to integrate it into every aspect of your business, bringing all the disparate parts together to form a single, more efficient, more productive whole.