The main advantage of managed services is that you essentially offload the burden of IT management onto us, allowing you to devote more resources to your business’s core competencies. Aptera’s Managed IT Services provide round-the-clock IT expertise for businesses that can’t afford downtime and can’t tolerate machines working at less than full capacity. Our service plans are suited to businesses of many types and sizes, from small companies with no more than a few desktops to large corporations with a complex mix of servers and devices.


Aptera’s Managed IT Services will help you:

  • Achieve greater user satisfaction and productivity
  • Allow IT staff to concentrate on projects directly related to your main business focus
  • Reduce IT management costs to a single fixed monthly fee

Focus on Your Business. Let Aptera Worry about Your IT

Each of our managed services engagements begins with an in-depth Best Practice Analysis (BPA) of your current environment to take advantage of any streamlining opportunities and identify any existing issues. We then install software that monitors your system’s performance and relays information about any deviations from normal operating parameters both to your IT representative and to our own staff. And you can choose from a variety of alert options that will be activated in the event of an issue.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your services include:

  • Critical system and service monitoring
  • Full data backup monitoring
  • Proactive server care
  • Patching and deployment

Managed Services Tiers

Total Desktop Care
In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. And without proper technical support in place, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt – and potentially damaging – halt.

With Aptera’s Help Desk, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our certified technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve even your most complex technical problems.

Essential Server Care
For those that prefer a hands-on approach, Essential Care provides back-office monitoring that helps you reduce the time needed to filter alerts and research resolutions. Our RMM software monitors all of your servers, and our NOC will alert you – day or night – when critical issues arise.

Elite Server Care
If you need the best of the best, Elite Server Care has you covered. Our talented technical teams are ready to investigate and resolve all server issues, whether they are generated by our RMM alerts or raised by your team via our ticketing system. You benefit from the NOC critical notification and remediation teams, as well as the remote troubleshooting team for your service requests. You can forward any event identities, application messages, windows error messages and other anomalies to the NOC for best-effort troubleshooting and resolution.