Aptera begins engagements by going beyond basic requirements-gathering. Instead of focusing on a simple list of features and functions decision-makers want the solution to have, we work to discover what goals all the key stakeholders hope the solution will achieve. 

All too often when a business takes on an IT project, divergent expectations about the ultimate goals emerge only after substantial time and resources have already been sunk into it. Or the project reaches completion but ends up having no tangible impact because none of the prospective users understands how the technology works or how it might benefit them. Aptera’s process is designed to avoid these pitfalls by focusing heavily on upfront planning.


Our project discovery and roadmap workshops:

  • Begin by working out an in-depth understanding of the challenge your business is facing
  • Seek input from all the people with a stake in the project's success, from business leaders to end-users
  • Work to achieve a common vision of what that success will look like and how it will be measured

Once everyone involved understands the challenge, we make a point of getting all the stakeholders to participate in planning the solution. Allowing end-users to contribute to the planning gives them the assurance that their concerns have been heard. And giving them a stake in the project’s success is the best way to encourage buy-in throughout the process that follows. It’s also the best way to ensure widespread adoption once the solution is in place. 

The end result of our planning sessions is a step-by-step project roadmap for how we’ll be working to turn your vision of success into a reality. Everyone involved will be sufficiently informed at each successive stage to be clear on the purpose and comfortably assured of the progress. Whether we’re providing consulting services or working through a multi-month development engagement, you’ll know the only surprises you have in store are from how great the technology works and how spectacular it looks.