Website and Application Support Services

Keeping Systems Running and Worry-Free

Apps and websites only provide value when they are utilized, supported, and maintained. Engage with Aptera to provide support for all your critical business systems. Whether your business runs on software built by Aptera or systems designed by an in-house development team or another third party, we can keep them running smoothly so you can focus on serving your customers.

Getting Started with Support

Starting a new support contract begins with an onboarding process. If Aptera developed the app or website being supported, then this onboarding happens seamlessly between our teams at no additional cost. For technology developed by another group, we’ll start with an onboarding engagement, so our team can get up to speed on the codebase, patterns, and infrastructure of your website or application.

Onboarding Engagement Process:

1. Collect source code, database backups, and necessary credentials

2. Document high-level topology, content types, and customizations

3. Provide initial list of security and performance recommendations via upgrades, hotfixes, or patches

Support Contract Options

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Best for clients wanting proactive support services, our Enterprise package offers 24/7 monitoring and proactive outage remediation. You’ll also have a service level agreement with us to prioritize your requests to be met within an agreed upon timeframe.

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If you don’t have a high support volume, but need timely support when problem occur, then our Professional package is your best fit. This includes a service level agreement to prioritize your requests, so they are fixed by the agreed upon time.

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For clients with smaller development support volume and no time constraints, the Basic package is the best option. Work is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis at a lower rate than without a contract.

Need Support for Your Website or Application?